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Deprivation documents

There are a number of documents on Nottingham Insight which look at deprivation and poverty. A good starting point is the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapters which are listed under the health and wellbeing theme. JSNAs are local assessments of current and future health and social care needs. Some key chapters are highlighted below but all JSNA chapters are listed in the A-Z of JSNA chapters


JSNA Chapters


Supporting documents

The Census is a survey of the whole population, which captures a breadth of information which can be used to help target resources more efficiently and evidence need for a funding bid. Some datasets are available on Nottingham Insight. More detailed tables are available on the ONS website.


Indices of Deprivation (2019)

The Indices of Deprivation measure relative levels of deprivation in 32,844 small areas or neighbourhoods, called Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs), in England.  Each area is given a score and a rank for seven distinct domains of deprivation which are combined to calculate the overall Index of Multiple Deprivation.  The Indices of Deprivation are useful for evidencing need for funding bids as they provide a comparative measure of deprivation across areas of similar populations. Below are some useful resources which all link to the Indices of Deprivation (2019).